Monday, December 31, 2012

Another year has come and gone (almost)

I have met some amazing women. I have made some friends. I am still missing old friends and my Vegas.

We are having a NYE celebration tonight. Just a few friends and their families. Appetizers, wine, and champagne punch.

I have a good easy peasy punch recipe. Ready?
1-2 bottles of Champagne. Get the cheap stuff, no one will know. 1 bottle of ginger ale. 1-2 bags of semi frozen strawberries. Yum. Fast. Inexpensive for a crowd and people gobble it up.

I was planning to wear a fun sparkly cocktail dress that hasn't seen NYE in about 5 years... but then my husband said that I would be silly to do so. A friend said that might be silly. So, I will be in a sparkly top instead with some jeans or pants. Gotta add sparkle. It is NYE after all... even if I am cozy in my house.

I have seen some debate on Pinterest. Does it cause stress to regular moms to become Betty Crocker and Martha Stewart and Heidi Klum. No, IMO. I think it is great for ideas, inspiration, pairings. I like to keep tips, recipes, and the like together. I think that it is genius. What do you guys think? Do you get overwhelmed? Does it make you feel like you are less than a woman because you might not make your own play dough, cookie dough and dresses?