Friday, May 23, 2014

Five on Friday

{1} My favorite way to eat an at home sandwich is with a dribble of Italian dressing or red-wine vinegar  over a skinny spread of mayo, fresh tomatoes and s&p. It makes everything a bit more fancy.

{2} I saw a pin and was texted this pin about using vinegar to help whiten clothes vs using bleach.  I'm terrified of using bleach. Am I alone in this? I always think it will linger in my machine and ruin subsequent loads. No?  This says use 5 cups water to 1 cup bleach, boil, add clothes, soak overnight and wash as normal. I am testing it out as we speak with a dingy hand towel.

{3} Making menus each week is my saving grace. I panic, overspend and/or order takeout if I don't know what's for dinner. I may swap Tuesdays dinner or Thursdays but at least I know what I'm having and that I have everything to make it!

{4} Speaking of dinner: tonight is semi-homemade pizzas! It's about 50/50 as to whether I make my own dough or buy pizza crusts. I do not like the canned crust for pizzas though. We like to add fresh spinach, fresh basil(a lot of it!), garlic, pepperoni and lots of cheese! Yummy!

{5} I'm still having major issues with photos and my blog. As in they won't upload. It's really frustrating bc I love adding pictures. You can follow me on twitter or Instagram instead for now.
 Le sigh.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Food choices & dinner

Today my food choices have been excellent. Granted, I've only been awake for 90 minutes but still....
Coffee. Of course. I mean, I don't trust people who can just wake up and be productive. Ha. My husband is one of those people, he just wakes up. He goes to work, or he works in the yard. What ever he has planned, no coffee needed. Ugh. My baby even knows, mama needs coffee. He waits till I make and drink it every morning before asking to play.

After coffee, I had half a broiled grapefruit with some strawberries and half a banana. Have you had broiled grapefruit before? It's so yummy.  I cut them in half, use paring knife to cut around the edges and then spread honey on top and sprinkle with cinnamon. Then you pop into a pan and into the oven on broil for 3-4 minutes, watching closely. I love grapefruit this way. If I don't have time to broil, I will sprinkle some Splenda or sugar on top and eat. Yummy.

Tonight's dinner is semi homemade pizza. I got thin pizza crusts from the store and will add sauce, basil, cheese, spinach, pepperoni and sausage. I am already thinking about it!