Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cuddles & cooking

It has been a long day. My baby boy is just in a "mama hold me and don't ever put me down phase". I love holding him more than anything but hate when nothing consoles him. Today we snuggled most of the day. We talked, sang and napped. He is drooling so much for 10 weeks...maybe he will be an early teether and that is the issue. I just wish I knew so I could FIX it. I want him happy all the time...impossible I'm sure, but a mommy can wish.

I did manage to get dinner cooked. Tried a new recipe: eggplant parmesan. I will link it up tomorrow since I'm on iPad tonight. Was a hit with the hubby so that is good in my book. He had never had it before (which is good since the skinnytaste version as you guessed is not breaded or fried & I don't know about you, but that is how I've always had it). He loves mushrooms and thought it kind of tasted like those.
I also made is one of my favorite things. Yum yum yum. I recently started pan cooking the bread in some butter and getting it a little crunchy. To. Die. For.

Tomorrow I must get more cinderella work done.

Now I am off to read a little. I am not really into this book, so it's hard to read for me. Book group meets Monday though, so I must truck on.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Sweethearts

Today is Valentine's Day. I am a lucky girl.

I get two handsome guys to take me out --to a steak dinner nonetheless. I love these guys, and I love steak. Yum.
Our dinner plans were actually a little comical. My sweetheart always seems to think that we are the only ones doing anything. I called the first place today.. at 3pm for a 6pm reservation. Bad idea. Tried a handful more places and the hub finally found one at Westgate. It was casual, country and perfectly delicious. For dessert we had s'mores.

Holy cow. They were gooey and messy and fun. My sweetie roasted them on the outside fire pit while me and this little guy stayed inside.

Little boy has been pretty crabby today. It is so hard because he is always so happy. Really. He is the happiest little baby; rarely cries, sleeps through the night, laughs, giggles, talks. He is a dream. So when he cries, it breaks my and my husbands heart.

I got to catch up on some blogging. It has been a while since I blogged.
While blogging, I read one of the daily blogs I read, A Classy Southern Wife, she mentioned a blog give away. She hit 1000 readers and is doing a cool giveaway. Well, I don't know what the treat is, but I am sure that it will be fabulous as she is such a little sweetheart. I told myself that if I kept up this blog and got like 100 readers ( I will start slow, but I want to get lots more obviously) I would treat myself to a professional blog design. I better get to bloggin :)

Back to little boy...

re-capping the past couple of weeks

I've been MIA lately haven't I? Not that I have readers, BUT this is a diary of sorts of my life here in Phoenix. Here is a very lengthy quick recap of what has been happening in the life of  me and my boo's.

We went up, down or over (I don't have my bearings on that yet) to Prescott to visit my husband's parents. We walked around the Whiskey Row downtown and had such a nice visit. I enjoy that little town with all its charm, shops, diners, and bars.
We went to a farmer's market and to an orchard the next day. My boo is such a google champ. He finds the neatest things for us to do. The farmer's market was cool, but wasnt what we thought. I think we both pictured a huge venue with tons of veggies, fruits, flowers.... this had some of that, but alot of local vendors pushing their products. We did get some yummy finds. We got some delish green chili hatch, a great spicy salsa and some kale. I was dying to make these. I saw them on A Classy Southern Wife's blog several times and needed to see what the rage was about. Tasty.
The orchard was picture perfect. We drove up and there was a white fence surrounding the property, horses running around and beautiful fruit trees everywhere.

The next weekend we checked out the Wildlife Zoo. It was such a fun time. Little boy slept most of the day, but the hub and I had a good time walking around and talking to the animals... especially the monkeys. Yes, we are dorks.
Little boy did wake up for a while and we saw the giraffes.

During the week, we typically stay home and have family time. This week though, we got tickets to the Coyotes hockey game. I love live hockey. It is so fun to watch!
People stopped us the whole night to see Maddox. He really is such a doll. We never thought that we would be able to continue to "do things" after we had a baby. He is a dream. He barely fusses and usually just people watches, has a bottle and takes a nap. Awesome.
This little sack is a genius idea... although it is pretty hard to get the baby in and out of--especially by yourself. I saw a sack at the store yesterday. It looks like a little sling, but i dont know if I would like that too much. I like being able to see his little sweet face.

Our Vegas friends Kat and Paul were in town visiting his parents, so we went to Old Scottsdale to meet them for dinner here. It was such a cool place. We ate outside. Was a perfect night to be under the stars.

Arizona does have beautiful nights... so far.