Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bare Minerals De-mystified

I love Bare Minerals makeup. A friend actually purchased the starter kit for me as a birthday gift MANY years ago and I just fell in love. I love the coverage, the ease of application. I love that it is jus ta brush, not my fingers or a sponge. I like that it isn't a messy streak. the coverage cab get much more full with a few strokes. Easy peasy.

However, what I hate is that I can never get those last few applications out of the jar! You know what I am talking about? The powder never falls all the way through the shaker holes. The frugalista in me has saved about 6 or 8 of those jars. Just waiting.

I finally found the answer! A coin and some time. That is it! Several months ago I had pinned this little tutorial and never knew if it would work. Guess what? It does. You are welcome.

Take a coin and turn the makeup container over, and pop the bottom off using the coin in the ridges.

OH! Sidenote: the bottoms don't really stay on securely so maybe do one tub that you want to apply at a time till you are done with them all :)

Monday, February 3, 2014


I feel like time slips away before our very eyes. My son is 2 years old. I am a year older and so is my husband. Where does it go? I swear I was JUST 25.
I certainly don't feel 25 though.

Super Bowl: I would love to talk about some of the commercials with you. It seems like that Coke one with singing America the Beautiful in lots of languages is really causing an uproar. I wouldn't know. I didn't see any of the game, half time or commercials. I was at a Super Bowl party, with kids, including my own....and was chasing around a 2 year old all night. No drama for me.

My sweet husband had a birthday mid-January. We had dinner with friends and then the next night, caught the Coyotes game at Westgate. Phoenix really has so much to offer. I will give it that.
We are all December and January over here. Wonder if baby #2 will get that memo or come when it wants to. Not that I have to be concerned with that now. Still no sign or preggers over here.

The group I am in is throwing together a little goodbye lunch for one of the moms who is moving to Chi-town next week. There is also a little element of a surprise baby shower too. It is not a full blown shower, but will have a cute diaper cake, some games, prizes and cupcakes. All good things. :)

Ok, must get comfy pj's on because Monday night is my all night tv-watching. I hate that and love it all at once. I could DVR but who am I kidding?

Also, I still am unable to post pics... I am so sad about that. I do not know what is wrong on this end.