Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bare Minerals De-mystified

I love Bare Minerals makeup. A friend actually purchased the starter kit for me as a birthday gift MANY years ago and I just fell in love. I love the coverage, the ease of application. I love that it is jus ta brush, not my fingers or a sponge. I like that it isn't a messy streak. the coverage cab get much more full with a few strokes. Easy peasy.

However, what I hate is that I can never get those last few applications out of the jar! You know what I am talking about? The powder never falls all the way through the shaker holes. The frugalista in me has saved about 6 or 8 of those jars. Just waiting.

I finally found the answer! A coin and some time. That is it! Several months ago I had pinned this little tutorial and never knew if it would work. Guess what? It does. You are welcome.

Take a coin and turn the makeup container over, and pop the bottom off using the coin in the ridges.

OH! Sidenote: the bottoms don't really stay on securely so maybe do one tub that you want to apply at a time till you are done with them all :)

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