Friday, August 31, 2012


Had the surgery Friday. Been recovering since.... feeling better now but on the mend.
To let you know that I still am around-- here are a few pictures of goings ons.

The last picture portrays part of our new backyard we had done. Took out all the rock:
and added this:

The other side of the yard is the pool. I can't find a recent picture of it with all of the new things the husband added on this computer so, you just have to take my word for it :)

We went patio furniture shopping today. Who knew that those sets were so pricey? BUT, gotta get a nice conversation piece to go with the chiminea we want! Arizona has beautiful winters. Perfect for cozying up with the fire and cocoa.

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Catch ya later babes.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mom, Recipes and Smash Cake

My mom is in town! MY MOM IS IN TOWN!
I am beyond excited. Over the moon.

We have been just hanging out. Cooking, baking, shopping, playing Phase 10, watching little boy.

It has been so good y'all.

Some recipes:

*I made the Zucchini Boats again. So yummy.

*Also made Chile Colorado again. Made a couple extra and threw them in the freezer for next week.

*I tried this chicken. Good,  comforting, lots of leftovers. Will be good to unfreeze next week after my surgery.

*Made this cake. Was pretty good. I started with a box of Golden Vanilla. I am still working on my butter cream recipes so last night I used a can. Whoops.
I am starting to practice a smash cake for Maddox's 1st birthday. This cake was my first try. It is 2.5 six inch round cakes stacked on top of each other.
I found out that adding those sprinkles around the bottom of the cake is much harder than it looks and I also found out that I am a crappy froster. I must practice. Which means a lot of cake. I don't need a lot of cake in this house. Help. LOL.

Off to go be with my mom.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cinderella and her bad luck

I have lots of Cinderella things to do today. Cinderella things are what I call my chores :)
It sounds better to me. I will say, "Cinderella has things to do today". Ha. I am a weirdo, I know.

I finally emptied the dishwasher. You guys, it has been clean and full since last week. Whoops. And i know that it has been, I just didn't FEEL like emptying it. LOL. I opted to just wash the dishes instead. How lazy. I can't even tell you WHY I didn't want to do it.

I cleaned the master bathroom. I need to wipe up and scrub toilets in the other baths as well today.
I cleaned the fridge shelves and drawers. Something was sticky. I have no idea what. I didn't have anything old or sticky in there. I clean the fridge every week. It was odd.

Then the standard, sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, clean the sliding glass door, wash the dog linens. Woo! Are you excited yet?

I was reading some other blogs today and Kelly's Korner had a post about a rep asking her (and other bloggers) to come to an all expense paid weekend to try out the resort and to bring her favorite child. I was appalled. That was certainly not a mom who thought that idea up.

I was eating a cheese stick as I was typing this up... and my temporary bridge just came out. Are you serious with this? Sigh. I am so unlucky with my teeth these days. I called to tell them and get in.. I was expecting, "just come when you can get here and we will fix it". Nope. She said 3:20. Almost 5 hours away :(

I guess that means Tropical Smoothie for lunch. Even though... I still feel like crying. Plus, the husband will not be back in time to leave Maddox home, so I will be that mom with her son at the dentists office. Sorry in advance to all.....

I am off to sulk and shower.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Guess who is EIGHT MONTHS old?!

Guess who is EIGHT MONTHS old?!

This happy boy, that's who! I just love this boy to pieces! He really is just the best little thing that could have ever happened to us.

He is wearing a size 3 diaper. He has had to be in night time diapers now overnight. He wears 6y-9 month clothing. Some of the pants are too big still, but that is ok. He wears some 9-12 and 12m clothes too. Especially if there is feet involved. He is so long. we bought him 3t-5t socks the other day and my husband about fainted. He has ginormous feet.

He loves to eat table food. Grilled cheese, hamburger quessadillas, yogurt, you name it.

He is just a joy.

I love you little one.


Unorganized Brain Dump.

This will be an unorganized brain dump.

*Last week I was on a watching Sex and the City kick. I love SATC. It is such a girl classic. I popped season 1 in. I though that I had all the seasons, but I seem to be missing 4-6. Maybe they didn't survive all the moves, maybe I am mistaken and don't own them, never did. Who knows. But I think I need to invest in 4, 5, and 6.

*All of last week I had no meal plan. I hate not having a meal plan outlined for the week. We winged it  and that was fine but I much prefer the organization. I sit and plan it out on Mondays usually. It takes a long time to figure out what we have, what we need and then go to the store to get said things, but it seems to make it easier on me. I always have an answer to the dreaded "What's for dinner?" question.

*My son had a full screaming tantrum at Target. I was "that mom". He just screamed and cried. I rushed to get what I came for and left. I think he was overly tired and maybe is teething again because he has been a bit edgy lately.

*We went to Babies and Books at the library per the usual. He loves the "Going to Kentucky" song. If I start singing it at home (since the friggin tune gets stuck in my head ALL DAY) he just starts laughing and smiling.

*I downloaded Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin on the kindle. I had seen the movie when it came out but A. I am forgetful and B. Books are always better. I read it pretty fast and then got a library book. GASP. I must say, I am spoiled with kindle. I prefer it. BUT for such fast reads, it makes sense to check them out and return them. I checked out Something Blue and am nearly done with that since Monday. Fast reads, even with a little guy on the go. I will see if the next in the series is at the library next week when we go.

*This weekend was a low key one. We swam and just hung out. It was nice to not have to do anything.

*My husband is out of town on a business trip. He has two per year and I hate being alone. I used to not mind, I did buy my own house and live there no problem. I feel like I used to be much more independent. Now, married and mommy me does not feel that way. I feel awkward going places as just TISH. Not the wife, not Maddox's mom. Terrible.

*ADT called me to say that my alarm was activated by the motion sensor last night on my way home from the grocery store. Awesome. Second time it has happened and both times sans husband in the state. I had left 2 of our 4 dogs out and I assumed that was what happened. The sensor goes to 100 pounds. Well Zoey is 85-90 pounds and Sam is 55pounds, so they must have stood in the beam at the same time.

*I met the mommy group at Arrowhead yesterday. I had planned to go already, but that was a bonus since I wont get to many meetings the rest of the month. Maddox wanted to play so badly. He would start crawling and pulling up on the toys and then big kids would race by him chasing each other and my little love would sob. It happened about 8 times. No parents around to discipline their children. I wanted to yell at them and tell them to have manners and inside voices and feet but I didn't. I cant believe how ill-behaved children are. It is their parents fault I believe. TEACH your kid how to act. WATCH your kid when they are playing. It is pretty simple. We left and went shopping after that. I doubt i go back unless it is pretty empty. They need to have a designated baby area.