Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cinderella and her bad luck

I have lots of Cinderella things to do today. Cinderella things are what I call my chores :)
It sounds better to me. I will say, "Cinderella has things to do today". Ha. I am a weirdo, I know.

I finally emptied the dishwasher. You guys, it has been clean and full since last week. Whoops. And i know that it has been, I just didn't FEEL like emptying it. LOL. I opted to just wash the dishes instead. How lazy. I can't even tell you WHY I didn't want to do it.

I cleaned the master bathroom. I need to wipe up and scrub toilets in the other baths as well today.
I cleaned the fridge shelves and drawers. Something was sticky. I have no idea what. I didn't have anything old or sticky in there. I clean the fridge every week. It was odd.

Then the standard, sweep, mop, vacuum, dust, clean the sliding glass door, wash the dog linens. Woo! Are you excited yet?

I was reading some other blogs today and Kelly's Korner had a post about a rep asking her (and other bloggers) to come to an all expense paid weekend to try out the resort and to bring her favorite child. I was appalled. That was certainly not a mom who thought that idea up.

I was eating a cheese stick as I was typing this up... and my temporary bridge just came out. Are you serious with this? Sigh. I am so unlucky with my teeth these days. I called to tell them and get in.. I was expecting, "just come when you can get here and we will fix it". Nope. She said 3:20. Almost 5 hours away :(

I guess that means Tropical Smoothie for lunch. Even though... I still feel like crying. Plus, the husband will not be back in time to leave Maddox home, so I will be that mom with her son at the dentists office. Sorry in advance to all.....

I am off to sulk and shower.


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  1. Nice to hear what you're up to! I like the idea of "Cinderella" things :)