Monday, April 30, 2012

50 Shades of Grey

As many of my fellow ladies have done, I recently read this series:
50 Shades of Grey: I was hesitant at first thinking that eh: it is just hyped up. But then wait: I read most of the hyped up books. Case and point: Twilight and Hunger Games. So, I had to get on board with this one.

With both of the other series, I had friends recommend them and I was not really feeling either of them. I was wrong both cases. This series though...was different to me. I liked all of them, but this was whew. This one was steamy and I just fell in love with the love story within. I don't want to give much away, but let's just say, I have more than one friend who has or is reading this AGAIN.

Let's get to the movie. Movie rights have sold and a movie is in the works. Some people are claiming that "Bella and Edward" would be perfect for this movie.
BARF. I may even boycott going to see it if they are cast. UGH. Kristin Stewart, to me, looks used up and kind of dirty. Rob Pattinson... well, he just isn't sexy to me. In the books, every woman, every where, wants Christian Grey. They stare at him because of the extreme good looks he possesses. RP doesn't get that appeal from me.

One of my best friends and I have been going over and over on who should play the roles. This list gets added to, subtracted from and changed all the time, but here is what we were thinking so far:

Anastasia Steele:

Anna Kendrick.


Chyler Leigh


Katherine McPhee

Christan Grey:

Ian Somerhalder


Jessie Pavelka

Kate Kavenaugh:

Lauren Conrad

Scarlett Johansson


Channing Tatum

Ryan Gosling

Leila and Suzannah:

Lucy Hale

Krysten Ritter


Rita Wilson


Diane Lane


Kim Cattrall

That is all we have so far.

We are still debating and up in the air about the rest. I am sure that will be another post soon.

What are your thoughts?
Did you read the book? Who did you envision?


Thursday, April 19, 2012

sleep time

Maddox and I have been busy this week with events. We went to the library Monday for a babies and books program. They sang songs and read books and the little ones could play. My little one sat on my lap...

Tuesday we went to the park and hung out with some of the meetup mamas. It was nice to have adult conversation with other moms. It was even better to know that I wasnt a weirdo or a loser for joining a group to meet friends.. there were several others and they all were "like me".

Wednesday we headed back to a different library with the mamas for what we thought was a story time and book giveaway, but ended up being a play time with a small story at the end. I met a couple of nice ladies from the group and we all had a good time nonetheless.

Today, we have just been hanging out. Maddox finally slept through the night again. This week he has been waking up a couple times during the night, and he is a normal night time sleeper, so it was so out of character for him. I was so thankful that he slept.

I have a mexican chicken dish in the crockpot. We put our feet in the pool and sat outside a bit. It has been a chill, relaxing day for us.

What have you been up to?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I recently joined to meet some other people in the area. Since moving here when Maddox was 2 weeks old, and being a new stay at home mom, it has been nearly impossible to meet friends.

I joined a reading group that meets 2 times per month .. sadly I have only made it to one since January due to this that or the other. I plan to be able to go more often.

Last week I found a "moms" group that meets up during the day time. That is right up my alley. Today was the first time I went to an event. I was pretty nervous at first... would they be nice, would they talk to me, would there be other babies there?
All my fears were silly. It was such a fun time.

There were several other mommies there with lots of kids. Most of the kids were older than Maddox.. more 2-5 or so. There were 2 little ones 11-12months old.

It was hotter than we all thought it would be at 9am... we are flirting with 100 before the weeks end! Holy moly it will be one hot summer. Vegas was hot too, but I guess to and from work, to and from car, to and from store, didnt really make me think about it as much. Now, I am home and definitly think about it.

In other news, Maddox had his 4 month appointment on Monday last week and got great reviews. He is 15.10 pounds and about 26 inches tall. He is as tall as a 6 month old! He is in a 2 diaper still and wears 3-6 clothes, but if they have feet-- he is in 6 or 6-9.

He got the go ahead for food! We are starting with cereal. He finally  has got the hang of it.  Last night he had some carrots. He is such a funny guy. He got them in his hands, his hair and over his face. Id say a successful meal :)

xo, Tish

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peter Cottontail

This was the first time that we took Maddox to a figure like the Easter Bunny. He was born close to Christmas, and I guess we could have taken him to see Santa, but we felt he was too little and to be honest.. after a c-section and a move, I wasnt up for much of anything.

Westgate was giving away free photos, so we went there and had lunch and saw the bunny. Little boy was so cute. He wasnt scared or freaked out. He was so happy and sweet.

Take a look:

We went to my in-laws for Easter Sunday. We  had thought we would bring the ham and several sides, but they had already got the ham and many things, so we brought a broccoli salad and cupcakes. We were also celebrating my father-in-laws birthday.

It was a nice visit. They enjoy seeing Maddox and how he is growing. We try to go up every month and we see him growing everyday but Im sure that seeing him every month is shocking. He is now turning over and over. He scoots everywhere he thinks he wants to go. He talks so much. He wants to stand. He laughs and it is the sweetest sound there is. They adore him and I adore that.


Friday, April 13, 2012

My family visits

My mom and brothers came out from Missouri to visit. It was the first time that my brothers met Maddox. My sweet mom came out for 15 days when I had him to help my hub and I out. I am so thankful that she did, especially since my birth turned into a c-section last minute. Ah!

We had so much fun while they were here and I didnt take near as many photos as I wish I had. We went to 3 MLB spring training games, 1 ASU baseball game, 1 NHL game and then sightseeing all around. It was a very busy week! Me and Maddox were worn out bc we are pretty lazy usually hahaha.

It was such a fun visit. It was even warm enough to test out the new pool... well ok, the water had to be eased into since it was pretty cool still, even at 95*.

I cant wait to see my mom and brothers again.. It is always way too long.


Monday, April 9, 2012

2 months in photos

Back again from a hiatus. I take those too often. I think I just... hope that my blog is successful, see that it isnt overnight, and go about my day. I read blogs everyday...
I read kellys korner, blue eyed bride, tea time with tess, pipm, a classy southern wife, smashed peas and carrots, diaperbags and stilettos, a life in ordinary. I could go on...
They dont know I exist, and that is ok, but someone, someday, might. So I must truck on.

I have had lots going on ... I will recap in photos. That's fun isnt it?
Easier and faster than writing two whole months of things I havent posted :)

We went to spring training and got to get pictures with several of the dbax ball players. They were so gracious and fun. Here are a couple.

Our little babe turned 3 months old: How sweet is he? I mean it. He is such a doll. He is happy, serious, and silly. He is the best little thing to happen in our lives and we are so very blessed.

St. Patricks Day was a quiet day at home. I made corned beef and cabbage. We enjoyed that and Maddox enjoyed Similac :)

Maddox had a few visitors. Our friends Patsy and Carl came with their daughter for a weekend. We went to a Sun's basketball game. It was my first time to a pro basketball game. Of course it was little boys first time too!

Maddox played in his car for the first time too. He loves to make it go "beep beep". It plays "OH Suzanna" and cracks my husband up. We took batteries out for now bc that little car sure does make alot of noise. He will get them back soon, Im sure!

That catches you up to families visit. Next post. :)

xo, Tish