Thursday, April 19, 2012

sleep time

Maddox and I have been busy this week with events. We went to the library Monday for a babies and books program. They sang songs and read books and the little ones could play. My little one sat on my lap...

Tuesday we went to the park and hung out with some of the meetup mamas. It was nice to have adult conversation with other moms. It was even better to know that I wasnt a weirdo or a loser for joining a group to meet friends.. there were several others and they all were "like me".

Wednesday we headed back to a different library with the mamas for what we thought was a story time and book giveaway, but ended up being a play time with a small story at the end. I met a couple of nice ladies from the group and we all had a good time nonetheless.

Today, we have just been hanging out. Maddox finally slept through the night again. This week he has been waking up a couple times during the night, and he is a normal night time sleeper, so it was so out of character for him. I was so thankful that he slept.

I have a mexican chicken dish in the crockpot. We put our feet in the pool and sat outside a bit. It has been a chill, relaxing day for us.

What have you been up to?

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