Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I recently joined meetup.com to meet some other people in the area. Since moving here when Maddox was 2 weeks old, and being a new stay at home mom, it has been nearly impossible to meet friends.

I joined a reading group that meets 2 times per month .. sadly I have only made it to one since January due to this that or the other. I plan to be able to go more often.

Last week I found a "moms" group that meets up during the day time. That is right up my alley. Today was the first time I went to an event. I was pretty nervous at first... would they be nice, would they talk to me, would there be other babies there?
All my fears were silly. It was such a fun time.

There were several other mommies there with lots of kids. Most of the kids were older than Maddox.. more 2-5 or so. There were 2 little ones 11-12months old.

It was hotter than we all thought it would be at 9am... we are flirting with 100 before the weeks end! Holy moly it will be one hot summer. Vegas was hot too, but I guess to and from work, to and from car, to and from store, didnt really make me think about it as much. Now, I am home and definitly think about it.

In other news, Maddox had his 4 month appointment on Monday last week and got great reviews. He is 15.10 pounds and about 26 inches tall. He is as tall as a 6 month old! He is in a 2 diaper still and wears 3-6 clothes, but if they have feet-- he is in 6 or 6-9.

He got the go ahead for food! We are starting with cereal. He finally  has got the hang of it.  Last night he had some carrots. He is such a funny guy. He got them in his hands, his hair and over his face. Id say a successful meal :)

xo, Tish


  1. I'm definitely joining all these groups when I move to TN next year! Hope you're meeting nice people!

    1. So far, so good. This week I have been to 2 of the Mommy groups and have met some really nice ladies! I am glad that I did it :) Why are you moving to TN?