Monday, April 9, 2012

2 months in photos

Back again from a hiatus. I take those too often. I think I just... hope that my blog is successful, see that it isnt overnight, and go about my day. I read blogs everyday...
I read kellys korner, blue eyed bride, tea time with tess, pipm, a classy southern wife, smashed peas and carrots, diaperbags and stilettos, a life in ordinary. I could go on...
They dont know I exist, and that is ok, but someone, someday, might. So I must truck on.

I have had lots going on ... I will recap in photos. That's fun isnt it?
Easier and faster than writing two whole months of things I havent posted :)

We went to spring training and got to get pictures with several of the dbax ball players. They were so gracious and fun. Here are a couple.

Our little babe turned 3 months old: How sweet is he? I mean it. He is such a doll. He is happy, serious, and silly. He is the best little thing to happen in our lives and we are so very blessed.

St. Patricks Day was a quiet day at home. I made corned beef and cabbage. We enjoyed that and Maddox enjoyed Similac :)

Maddox had a few visitors. Our friends Patsy and Carl came with their daughter for a weekend. We went to a Sun's basketball game. It was my first time to a pro basketball game. Of course it was little boys first time too!

Maddox played in his car for the first time too. He loves to make it go "beep beep". It plays "OH Suzanna" and cracks my husband up. We took batteries out for now bc that little car sure does make alot of noise. He will get them back soon, Im sure!

That catches you up to families visit. Next post. :)

xo, Tish

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