Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peter Cottontail

This was the first time that we took Maddox to a figure like the Easter Bunny. He was born close to Christmas, and I guess we could have taken him to see Santa, but we felt he was too little and to be honest.. after a c-section and a move, I wasnt up for much of anything.

Westgate was giving away free photos, so we went there and had lunch and saw the bunny. Little boy was so cute. He wasnt scared or freaked out. He was so happy and sweet.

Take a look:

We went to my in-laws for Easter Sunday. We  had thought we would bring the ham and several sides, but they had already got the ham and many things, so we brought a broccoli salad and cupcakes. We were also celebrating my father-in-laws birthday.

It was a nice visit. They enjoy seeing Maddox and how he is growing. We try to go up every month and we see him growing everyday but Im sure that seeing him every month is shocking. He is now turning over and over. He scoots everywhere he thinks he wants to go. He talks so much. He wants to stand. He laughs and it is the sweetest sound there is. They adore him and I adore that.