Monday, August 25, 2014

Party planning

Some party planning things:

1) I got selected to host a "house party" from I was pretty surprised. I had hosted a Reds Ale back in July but I didn't think I took good enough photos to get picked again but I got chosen for the Loreal/Redbook party! Eek! I'm stoked to try these fun products and create a gun girls night.

I think I'm going to put out the ingredients of a homemade facial scrub and mask for the girls. Maybe a premade mask. I'm not sure. I plan to do some light snacks.. Cheeses. Fruit. Cute desserts. Low key and easy so I can have fun too.

I'll throw some girlie movies out, have board games and maybe pull out some paper and create a grown up version of mash ;)

2) Keeping with the party trend, I'm also hosting our mom group Halloween party. To be honest I'm really nervous about it. I've never been into Halloween. Never got all excited for it aside from trick or treating as a kid. I stayed home got costume parties in my 20s. I finally went to one when I was pregnant. It was with friends at their home so I wasn't too intimidated. I just never got the whole "let's dress like sluts" thing.  I digress.

I've been pinning my little heart out for Halloween ideas. I've been scouring my local yard sale fb sites to find decor. I've scored a couple little things but have so much more to get. I'm going to goodwills too but they even price holiday stuff higher than they should. Oh well. I have time ton pick through and get cool things.

I think for the inside, I'm going to throw cheesecloth and white sheets over most furniture. For the bathroom I'm going to do the fake bloody hand print towel and vampire teeth in a cup thing. I might do the black monster shadow on the toilet. I'm going to look for some black lights to replace the regular bulbs in some lamps and throw some dolls heads in glass jars.

My backyard will host the party. Gosh I hope it's cool enough. Arizona is still hot in October.
I'm going to do the body bag out of trash bags, floating glow hands in the pool, glow sticks in toilet paper rolls for eyes watching you, and a few more tricks.

I have a few games up my sleeve and am going to keep pinning my heart out. If you follow me, sorry in advance.

Ok-- back to Mommyland.