Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tiny brain dump

*My son is growing too fast. He is learning something new everyday. He is literally growing up before my very eyes. That saying is not truer than to a mama. He is 14 months old already. Soon he will be 14. *tear*

*I am having Wheat Thins and coffee for breakfast. I know... but it works.

*I made a meal plan for an entire 2 weeks and I really have liked it. I usually only do a week at most. This really seems to make my dinner routine so much less stressful. I just look on the sheet and BAM. Dinner is done. Well, almost.

*I am sick of drama with women. I am not a drama person. I find it petty, childish and frankly, beneath me. Can I say that? I just don't deal with it. I ignore it or remove myself from it. I have a mom in the group I am in who strives off of drama. All she wants to is cause issues. Then when she is done with the issue, she is fine but the damage she does is left strewn behind.

*I need to be as healthy as my Pinterest board looks. I have really slacked off this winter. As much as I despise the hot summers, I think that it actually helps motivate me for weight loss and exercise.

*I am loving bzzagent. I love that I #gotitfree.

*I am lost with why the process for uploading pics has changed and I need to install some new app. Why cant people leave well enough alone? UGH.

*We joined and have had 2 interviews so far. One flake--which we are totally bummed about bc she seemed so great and a slew of new emails to check people out. It is SO NERVE WRACKING. We have NEVER left our son so this is beyond scary. It is necessary though. Baby boy doesnt go to anyone. Even moms in the group that he sees every week. He is very clingy to my husband and me. Well, it is to be expected I suppose since I stay home with him and my husband works from home. He really needs to be socialized without us. So--- we are going to go on dates again and hopefully everything will be ok without us for a couple hours.

Perhaps I will have more time to brain dump again soon. This mommy business takes alot of time ;)

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