Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January 01, 2014

What DO you have in store for me?

Things I hope for this year:

to be more patient
to be more kind and giving
to learn to have quiet time
to read more
to self-hate less
to lose weight
to get pregnant
to spend more quality time with my men
to cook more healthy meals
to eat fast food less
to drink soda less (I broke my no-soda streak)
to blog more (obviously!)
to be more humble
to have more respect for myself
to get outside more
to swim more (we have a pool out back for crying out loud!)
to be happy
to be healthy and healthier
to be the best wife I can be
to be the best mama I can be
to be the best sister and daughter I can be
to be a better friend
to write more snail mail

What do YOU hope?


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