Sunday, November 17, 2013

Date night with my little

I had date night with Maddox last night. Well afternoon and night. My hub and a buddy went to cheer on ASU. Go Sundevils!

We didn't do anything spectacular but we just got to be together and I just cherish those moments. You might be thinking, uhm, you are a sahm and stay home with him all day so big deal. Well, this is true, but it was just our special night. We went to Starbucks and got tea and cakepops. I got 2, but didn't get one of them :) I have a sweet lover and that is ok.

We then went to Goodwill. I was on a hunt for frames but ended up hunting for Disney gear for our upcoming trip. I scored a bib for Maddox, a sweatshirt for my mom and 2 t-shirts for me! Yippee! Who can beat it?  I think I spent all of $7 for all of it thanks to half price day. Who knew the Goodwill has half price days?

We came home, made frozen pizza and had a messy dinner. All through dinner Mad kept saying "thank you" because he loved his food so much. That just melts my heart. I hope that is always so gracious.

I let him play in a big bubble bath for entirely too long and then we played with cars and balls, and watched Christmas movies till bed time. Lots of snuggling and kisses were had and I was one happy mama.

I am so blessed and thankful that he chose me to be his mama. I am so blessed and thankful that my husband affords me to be able to stay home with him every day. I am just so blessed that I am so thankful.

Kisses and snuggles with your almost 2 year old are just what life is all about. If you don't have children, borrow one for a day. Your perspective and life will change. They are pretty freakin amazing!


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