Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday in Phoenix AZ


I am posting up to 2 link up's today. So let me first say this: HI! I'm Tish. I am married to my best friend and have quite possibly the world's cutest little boy. I could be biased though ;) HA. I am a Missouri-Vegas transplant to Phoenix, Arizona. I am a stay at home mama and pinterest junkie. If I had to sum myself up...well, I would be a "Burberry met Starbucks at the thrift store" kinda gal. Nice to meet you!

Little man and I had such a good time at the Children's Museum today even though it was super crowded and I didn't see as many helpers helping as usual. Love when he can touch everything and not get into trouble for it. Can I get an Amen?!

Tomorrow is 50% off day at the Goodwill and I am hitting up my local store. I think I might do some painting this weekend. I love some of the ideas I have seen using frames and bells. I will let you know if I find some goodies. Can't beat a DIY that is nearly free.
My family decided to do a gift exchange this year instead of buying for everyone. Little ones excluded of course. I like this idea and it makes it much more simple to shop! We each write 5 things we would like that are around a certain price and give everyone the list. Who you draw remains a secret till you open your gift. Or get it in the mail ;) Easy peasy, Christmas done breezy!

Thanksgiving really gets the shaft doesn't it? I LOVE Thanksgiving. It seems that every one is so excited for Halloween and then they jump right to Christmas. Poor Turkey Day gets the back burner. I am guilty too and I am wanting to listen to Christmas music all day (BTW PHX, 99.9 started playing it!) ...and put up décor but we are not. We are celebrating Thanksgiving. Here are a couple super cute treats I plan to incorporate.

I also made these little toilet paper trees. One for each "grammy" and one for us. Super cute and easy craft for the kids... then us mamas wrapped the "trunk" in yarn while the kiddos played.

Nice to meet you all...
Till next time!


  1. I love the self description! :) What part of missouri are you from?? Oh, and I love half price days at the thrift store!!!!

  2. Thanks :)
    I am from a small town about an hour S of KC on what used to be 71.

    1. Super fun! We live in Belton, so it's probably close by! (and it is still totally 71 to me! i-49? That's just weird!)