Saturday, November 9, 2013

Five on Friday- Er,Saturday. Who's counting?

Better late than never with a blog link up right?
So let Five on Friday commence:

I went to my first shooting range last night with some lovely ladies. We had a lot of fun. It was an indoor range and we picked out silly targets. Two of the gals I went with packed their own heat, the other 3 of us went hoping for instruction :)

Today was an Ikea trip for a new high chair for little man. His "baby" one was beat up and they have wipeable plastic chairs for $15. Uhm, yes please! But who am I kidding? We walked out spending far more than that. We had a cart full. Yikes!

We took little man to his first Suns game of the season. Ate at The Hard Rock Café and then hit the game. We were pretty nervous about taking him to dinner mostly since he is likely the worlds worst dining companion, but he surprised us and did fantastic. That great mood lasted throughout the game and date night with my two guys was perfect.

We just booked the spot for Maddox's 2nd birthday party. we went pretty low key and are letting someone else do pretty much everything since we will just be getting back from Disney the day before. I even did online invites. Does this make me a bad mom? I definitely am not living up to my pinterest boards with this, but I know Maddox and the kids will have fun and it will be super stress free. I have cute gift bags that I am putting together too, so that is as about homemade as this party is getting.

For the longest time I didn't really paint my finger nails. I would occasionally get the bug to do it, but it was not a constant thing. They were always manicured and I used a clear to make them shine, but color was too much. As of late, I am LOVING this new color I stumbled upon.
It is an Essie I found at TJ Maxx, called Miss Fancy Pants. And y'all, it is about the perfect shade for me. It is the ideal neutral. Beige, gray, taupe. P E R F E C T.
I have been wearing it every. single. day.