Thursday, November 7, 2013

The waiting game

Everyone around me.. and that I read about seems to be pregnant. Does that just happen when you want a baby?

I am genuinely happy for each one of them. I really am. I am genuinely happy for each one of you.

I am just a little sad for me. I know that things happen when they are meant to happen. I know that when it is time for us to have a second child, it will happen. I just wish I got to choose when.

Maddox loves babies so much. He has to go see each of them he sees and he repeats baby with  a huge cheesy grin until the said baby is gone. He picks out all of his baby items and lets us know those are for babies too. But he does it with such happiness that we know he just would be such a good big brother.

We will wait. Dream of pink and blue. And be happy for each of you.


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  1. Hang in there.. i agree with you... its hard waiting and watching everyone else:(