Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or Treat

Our first trick or treating experience was a fun and memorable one :)

We went to a block party with friends in a neighborhood near us. It was potluck style so I brought my ever popular and easy crockpot meatballs. Super simple yet terribly yummy. We nibbled a bit and then when it got darker, we proceeded to trick or treat around the neighborhood.

Maddox was really unsure about what was going on, and the whole process of it all, BUT he loved the candy. Eating it and grabbing it. Seriously, who let's a one year old grab candy? Several older folks would just put the dish out and tell him to "just take one". Uhmmmmm I did a lot of putting back and apologizing needless to say.

One lady really got to me though. Maddox has a lot of words in his little vocab but try as I might, "trick or treat" just isn't a phrase he says. He was really goo about please, thank you and bye though.
Anyway, she and her husband held the bowl out for the kids to choose their candy. Maddox waited his turn and when they got to him, he reached his tiny hand for the bowl and they took it away and demanded that he say "Trick or Treat".  I looked at them in disbelief. I then took a deep breath and explained that he was not even 2 years old and that he didn't know how to say that yet. They just looked at me. They reluctantly put the bowl back out and he got his candy, said thank you and bye and we walked away before I punched them. Some people are really lacking in social acceptance. He was polite. He was little. What more do they want? Sigh.


Here is my little tiny boy last Halloween. How precious is this tush? HAHHAHAA. He will kill me in his teen years.

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