Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Maddox is 1month old!

I am a little late posting this..but soon I will get all caught up.

Maddox you are 1 month old!

You are such a good baby. Do all mommys say that? You really are. You are very chill and cool to be around. You rarely cry and you are a pretty good  little sleeper. You love to eat. We kind of nicknamed you Chubbington because of that. You arent chubby though. It is just so funny because every 2 hours on the dot you let us know that it is time for your bottle.

You are a day sleeper and a night partier for now. You usually will go to sleep between 10:30-midnight and sleep till about 5am. Then we feed and change you and you are out again till about 8-9am. If I will lay in bed with you and snuggle you, you will fall asleep again for a couple hours. We do that sometimes, and mama just loves it. About any time that I hold you and snuggle you, you will nap with me.

You are 10 pounds, and 22 inches long. You drink Similac Sensitive and occassionally like to have your binkie. You are sleeping in our room still but you have a great nursery to get in to soon enough. For now your little bed is at the foot of our bed. I just think you are too little to have you far away... and in our home, your little bedroom is pretty far from Mommy and Daddy.

Your 1month birthday also fell on my birthday so we took your out and showed you off!

You have found your tongue and you constantly are playing with it. You stick it out, lick your lips, play with your bottle. You arent a thumb or hand sucker yet though. Maybe you will forego that. Mama would be good with that little man!

You have so many people who love you and have waited a long time for you! Especially your mama and daddy! You really are the light of our lives.
We took you to have your 1 month photos done and everywhere we went everyone was saying how cute you were. We can barely go anywhere where people dont stop and make comments on your cute little self. We tend to agree!! Love you baby boy!


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