Friday, January 27, 2012

Naps and Dinner Time

I have been trying, struggling, succeeding, and failing all in one to be a housewife and mother. This is so new and hard.

Do I sit around watch Maury and not unpack like I should on days? Yes.
Do I try to make dinner every night we are home? Yes.
Do I think about the mounds of laundry, the pictures that need hanging, the closet that needs organizing and just shut down? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Even when I am sitting around and not accomplishing some of the household things that it is now my responsibility to accomplish, I am still tending to a newborn baby all day and night if need be. I sleep in patches, even though baby boy sleeps so well. He will sleep between 6-8 hours at a stretch at night time-- so why can't I shut down that long too? My mind races with what I should have gotten done and then I don't sleep. Or, I will wait and listen to make sure he is breathing ok. I find myself waking up nonstop to make sure I hear him. He is right beside me in his bed, yet he may as well be down the hall in his own room.

Guess what happens during the day? I am beat and me and baby boy nap for 2-3 hours. Is it great and wonderful and sometimes the best sleep I can remember? Yes.
He is such a little snuggler. So warm and sweet. He coo's and I melt into a luxurious slumber with him. However, that adds to the stress I hold inside of not doing what I needed to do. Sigh.

Right now, I am blogging during "our" nap time and he is beside me in his play center looking at me. He is probably wondering why I don't lift him up and go into the big bed and snuggle him to sleep. I wish I could baby boy. I am trying to break that cycle-- or at least not do it every day :) He naps the best with me. If I don't sleep with him, he will only cat nap all day.

I am also trying to be a good housewife but I kind of stink. I should set a regimen of when to dust, mop and vacuum and stick to it, but I fail. The only thing I have stuck to is trying to make dinner every night, or at least 5 nights a week. Some times my recipes bomb, other times they are bomb.

Some of my recent makes are:
Whiskey BBQ burgers She called for sliders, I made whole burgers. They were yummy and very rich. Sliders may have worked better.

Bruschetta  is always a favorite of mine. This recipe took it to a whole new level with the buttered pan cooked bread. I have never tried that before and it was divine!

Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts. These little beauties were amazing.
I didn't make extra blue cheese/butter like the lady said to. I just made enough to stuff  and glaze with. I made extra bacon too, because bacon is just one of those things that if it is warm and crispy, I could very well eat an entire package of it  myself. I am not proud of that. I had skinless chicken breasts so I slit them in half, leaving 3 corners connected and just stuffed the divine mix in there. I generously covered the chicken with the mix as well and sprinkled with cracked pepper and popped into the oven. I will make this again and again.

Easy Mexican Chicken was on the menu one night. I don't have high ratings for this. I didn't care for it. I will use some of this again. I thought that browning the chicken with the cumin, chili powder, garlic and onion was a good taste. I wish that I wouldn't have put it under the the goop of cheese and salsa and baked it. It turned out really juicy and though my husband seemed to enjoy it, I did not. Next time, I will pan cook all the chicken, and maybe add some cheese and broil it for a few minutes on top then add fresh salsa and eat it that way.

There have been a few other things, as well as the old classics like tacos, spaghetti and burgers, but I am trying to expand the menu and rotations of those classics with some fresh new things.

Gotta get creative somewhere :)

xo, Tish

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