Monday, September 16, 2013

Cherish today

Today has been a long day and it is only 10:52 am.  Maddox woke up at 3:30am wide awake. He kept saying "ball game mama, ball game" to which I had to keep repeating there was no ball game. It was sleeping time. He proceeded to put his batting helmet on and run bases. Awesome. I put him back in his bed around 4:15. No such luck Charlie Brown. He screamed and cried and screamed some more.
Now, I should have prefaced that he is normally a really good sleeper. If you follow me on twitter you would know that last night after he hugged and kissed us goodnight, he then waved and told us bye and we left his room.

He finally fell asleep for an hour, but I was woken up by a phone call that broke my heart. I won't get into details yet, but life is too fragile. It is too short and you just never know what each day can bring.
With that, I have tried to be better today as I am picking the bags under my eyes off the ground, and trying to drown my headache in coconut water and ibuprofen. I am trying to remember it is all too precious to waste and to play with my son and to hold him and if he wakes up at 3am, to let him. I am a stay at home mom and while it may be uncomfortable for the day, soon, I will miss those moments with him.

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