Sunday, September 8, 2013

Little man is 21months

Is there much in life better than hearing the sounds of laughter and happiness coming from your child? I really cannot think of anything. Giggles and smiles from that little guy really melt me.

He is 21 months now. He is till obsessed with balls. Baseball, Basketball. Football. Loves them all. Knows logos. It is weird. He is so little but just knows. All he does all day is want to shoot hoops or play catch. He runs bases and scores touch downs. He is preparing for 2 a days. He seems to prefer watching and playing baseball to football for now.

He is talking much more. I love hearing his little voice and opinions.
He says "Are you seeus?" (serious), calls 2 of our 4 dogs by name now "Nolna" and "Nam" (Lola and Sam), he definitely knows ball, ballgame, got it, he got it, you got it, mama, dah-deeeee, (daddy), and so many more, those are his favorites though. Oh and nope, no, top (stop) and hot!

He loves watching baseball games. It is the only thing that calms him down. He also knows if you have your cellphone and throws a fit till you put it down to play catch with him. He will also turn the tv off to get your undivided attention. Yup, so there is that.

His favorite book is still Ten In the Bed. He has SO many books, but that is the only one he ever brings us to read him. I buy him books all the time. He has a huge basket full. Only that one.

He basically only wants chicken nuggets most nights. Sigh. Fail. He does love spaghetti though. IF, and only if, it is with real spaghetti noodles. Don't try to use cutsy pasta for the boy or he wont touch it. He wants big people cups, and spills all the time. Luckily, it is always water so that helps I guess. He loves snacks nad fruit. He lives for yogurt and loves cereal and milk.

He is wearing a size 4 diaper, is about 27 pounds I would guess since he was 25 pounds at his 18m check up. He has so much character and charm. I just adore him to pieces. He really has our hearts.

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