Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking food to a new Mom

Taking food to a new mama:

I am an assistant organizer for a Mom's group. I really like being able to look at our calendar and have things to do with Maddox nearly every day if I want to. Something else special we do is "Meals for Mommies". If a mom has had a major surgery or a new baby, we take her 5 meals. I wish that I had that luxury during my time home with Maddox. We were crazy busy and packing and there was NO down time to just enjoy being a new family. I am sad about that, but we are in our new state and our new home and all is well.

For my meal, I had several components. I started with a tried and true casserole. I love a casserole because it is easy, usually has all of the meal in one dish, and can be frozen, or cooked that night --oh and leftovers are easy peasy. I added a loaf of French bread to accompany my casserole. I did not need to add any sides since my casserole had chicken, rice and broccoli. Voila. A must is a throw away container. Run to the Dollar Tree or Walmart and grab a foil one so there is no need to return dishes. I added 3 paper plates, napkins, and throw away utensils so that mama didn't need to worry about clean up at all.

Was I done there? I could have been I guess. But, where is the fun in that? I baked some yummy chocolate chip muffins. Muffins are good because mama can eat that one handed, and they can also be used for snacks or a quick breakfast. I then put in a container of strawberries for some more sweetness and I figured her 2 two year old would like them too.

Speaking of her two year old, I made a quick little snack bag for him with cheese nips, pretzel sticks and marshmallows (one of Maddox's favorites) and also a little crayon pack with coloring sheets. He felt special getting them and told me thank you with a huge smile.

I wrapped up a sweet little pj set for tiny man and I was done.

Easy, quick, pretty inexpensive and you just made the day of a family with a new baby.

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