Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dear Son


You are such a funny and sweet little 2 year old. Goodness you have such a strong will, sass and determination though. Where did that come from? We nicknamed you after a little Jewish woman because sometimes you stomp around, hand on hip and just are the sassiest thing ever. Estelle or Hilda comes out in full force. I try to not laugh but Lordie, it just is so hard to keep a straight face.

You are going to kill me one day but I have to document this now while I have the memory fresh. You are not potty training yet. You think you want to, but you are scared. One night while naked, I said that if you needed to go, you had to go on the big potty and tell mama. You decided that you had to, so you got your toilet seat, put it on the big potty and asked mama to hold your hand. When you didn’t start going peepee, you told me that your penis was broken. I told you it wasn’t, but you were so serious and sad and you held your penis and showed me the hole and insisted that yours was indeed broken. Oh I laughed so much as I turned away. I tried to keep a straight face, but you kept just repeating that your penis was broken.  By the way, we call it your penis. Your dad wanted to call it a weenie or a peepee, but I said no.

You knew the sound of a duck as your first animal. Quack Quack you would say. In the past week or so though, you have changed that. Now when we see ducks and you tell us what a duck says, you say “Mack Mack or MackyMack” –we find this to be incredibly cute and therefore we ask you what a duck says all the time J

You LOVE to dance. You want to dance all the time in the car. Your little hips just shake and sway with all the beats. When you want music you actually ask for “Dance”. I hope you always have rhythm and find joy in dancing.

Your favorite show right now, hands down, is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and you affectionately refer to it as Toodles.  You want to watch it on repeat. Every. Single. Day. Your favorite movies are Frozen, How to Train Your Dragon and Ratatouille. You also like Toy Story because you love Buzz Lightyear. We took your to Disneyland for your 2nd birthday and you were terrified of every single character. We took you to breakfast with the characters and you were a screaming mess. We had to stand around the table and ask them to pass us by. Even Mickey. You were terrified of Mickey though you want to watch him on tv every chance you get. You sing the intro to MMC so cutely. You belt out the HOTDOG song at the end and dance. You are so full of life my little love.

Some of your cute words:

You call poop- poo-poon

Tyes is yes. Where is him? Where ah you? Heddo is Hello. Motes are the tv remotes. All golf clubs and hockey sticks are “coyotes”. Your baseball mitt is a pitch, though you now call it a mitt too. You also use gardening gloves as your batting gloves. You always want Chaw-kate –chocolate. You ask Whatcha Doin? And when you think something is silly you say “Oh  daa-aaad or oh Moommm”.

You call your daddy HONEY. You rarely say Dad or Daddy. You call him honey. It is hilarious. You also call him Steve sometimes. Once you said, “C’mon Steve, I have soccer”. We about died in shock and laughter.

Every time we go to Target and the movies, you feel like you must have popcorn. Or Poporn as you say. Even at home, if a movie is on, you want poporn.

You are so independent. You feel like you have to turn on and off every switch, and every fan. If someone else touches them you have a fit. You want to let the dogs out, you want to feed them, you want to get your own cups and water, and silverware. You push the chair over to the sink to wash your own hands after you eat. You have to climb in the cars, and you have to buckle yourself. You want to pick out your clothes, you want to do everything… You are such a little individual.

You LOVE sports. You love baseball the most. Everyone comments on how athletic you are.  You can hit the ball like crazy and daddy doesn’t even go easy on you. You are a showboat though. You love to have mommy watching you and cheering for you. The louder the better.  When you play basketball, you bring us a foam finger and demand we wave it for you because you are the best of course.

More soon my love. We love you to the moon and really couldn’t imagine a day without you. You are the light in our world and we cherish you so.


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  1. Such a sweet letter! You'll treasure it later when you can't remember all of the cute little details and I'm sure he will too when he is old enough to read it!
    Makes me excited for what's to come!