Thursday, June 19, 2014

My day my life turned into a crime show

It was a normal Monday night. Dinner and dishes were done. Bath time was done and I was hanging out channel surfing while the boys played. I looked at my phone and email, when a message from Walgreens popped up saying that my photos were done. I asked my hub if he had ordered pics and he said no. Hmmm, odd. I quickly glanced at my account- saw the photos were of Maddox and promptly freaked out.

I called Walgreens, hoping I would be told it was so glitch or mistake. As I waited, I was quickly changing my password. The photo department chick got on the phone and I asked her if photos under my name had been processed. Yes, she said. I asked if she was sure. Yes.

My voice started trembling. I asked if the photos were picked up yet. Yes.

I asked when. She said actually just a little bit ago.  I asked by who. She said she didn't know.

Full fledged hysterics happened after I hung up the phone. This person had access to tons of private family photos AND our home address. I didn't know what to do. What could I do? Call the police? Demand camera footage looked at and put on the news to try to catch the person? What? I noticed a customer care number on the website, so I called.

A man answered and I said my name and that photos of my....insert sobbing....child were just ordered and picked up at a store and could he possibly have any info on who might have hacked my account.

He tried to calm me down. He was really nice. Thank you Walgreens customer care guy. He said no one had ordered or printed anything. He said he was going to talk to the store and lady who said they were picked up.  I held on the line. My heart racing. Thoughts of moving to Alaska on my mind. Going somewhere no one would know my baby. I started mentally checking off all the social media I was going to cancel.

He came back on the line. He said the lady was crazy and didn't read the date. It was April 16th. Not June 16th. No one had ordered or picked up photos. Walgreens site was undergoing construction and the email was a glitch. He said I could unlock the closet door I was probably hiding in with my baby and live life. He was trying to be sweet and funny. I appreciated it through all my tears.

I barely slept Monday night. All the what if's going through my head. I was never anxious before becoming a mom. I never worried so much. I never knew what my mom was talking about when she said some nights she didn't sleep because she was thinking and worrying.

The life of a mom. My child is safe. Life is being lived


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