Sunday, June 1, 2014

Crafty 5 on Friday

Linking to 5 of Friday

{1} I have been feeling crafty lately.  I want to make things. It is so hard to actually get said crafts done because a certain two year old is whirlwind of sweet outta control-ness ;)

{2} A friend invited me and Maddox over to craft and play.  We set out and made these super cute wreaths for the patriotic holidays. I can't wait to hang up my wreath in July! It was pretty easy, but time consuming. All we needed was a styrofoam wreath, straight pins and felt.  You can follow my pinterest boards for the exact tutorial. My notes on this: the lady doing it had a smaller wreath than me. I used an 18 inch and found that I needed slightly over 1/4 yard per color. Luckily my friend had lots extra bc she couldn't remember what I told her ;) I also subsequently used about 350 pins. I haven't add the stars yet, but I'm still pleased!

{3} I am getting pin-spired to do a few other wreaths. I'm sure my hub will be over the moon. Do you sense my sarcasm? I like this simple wreath. It would be pretty in bright summer colors. 

{4} I saw an easy way to make some homemade flowers too that I can incorporate on wreaths and also gift wrapping and the cute mason jars. I love a mason jar. I mean before it was a craze we drank out of them. It is kind of a southern thing I think. I'm in Arizona now but my roots are in Missouri after all. I have a friend currently obsessed with all things burlap so this would make a cute, homemade gift for a birthday don't you think?

{5} Another fun craft I have been wanting to try is the sharpie on a mug. Seems so easy! have you guys tried this? I have read that the oil based sharpie works better than the regular sharpie-- but I don't know first hand. I think a trip to HomeGoods and Dollar Tree might be in order for me to test this out. I have so many brand new regular sharpies that I hate to think I can't use! I will test those out first on one mug. Here is a fun one I found off Pinterest!


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