Friday, June 13, 2014

Five cleaning irks

Five cleaning irks:

You ever just have things that irk you? Of course you do. I read some of the perfect bloggers and it seems nothing is ever bothering them or irking them... Ever. I wish I could say the same ;)

{1} A dirty microwave kills me. Like little pieces of my soul. Just think about how clean that persons house is, if they let a place they cook food be disgusting. Did that sink in? Gross huh?

{2} On that note: you can't have dirty pot holders. YUCK. Wash them! You are handling food with those mitts. I don't want to see dinner from 6 months ago.

{3} Wipe your washer and dryer down. Can't have clean clothes around dirty appliances.
 I also get irk'ed having to put the laundry away lol. Ha the never ending cycle.

{4} It may be the door in the garage, but that door needs to be cleaned y'all. You pull into your garage and what do you see? That door. I just noticed it was time to scrub mine as I saw little dirty hand prints and foot prints all over it. I only really clean it when I notice it looks dingy.

{5} The teenage and early 20's me would laugh, but the 30+ me likes a made bed. I don't always do first thing when I wake, but when I head back in after coffee, it's time to smooth things and make it look like a grown up that cares for baby humans lives here.

Happy Friday!  What irks you? Can be cleaning related or in general... Get it out! :)

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