Tuesday, July 17, 2012

And the surgeon says:

Yesterday I had to have an appointment with a surgeon. I have to go under the knife and I am obviously not thrilled.

I found a huge lump in my stomach a couple weeks ago. I showed my husband, who seemed panicked, and disgusted LOL. He told me to call my Dr. asap. They got me in that day. (good customer service!) I showed my Dr. and he said that it was a very large hernia.

Who knew girls got hernias. Not me. Apparently I got it from having my son via c-section. How many more things go wrong with c-sections. This emphasizes my jealousy and envy for those that can have vaginal births-- but I digress.
Since we moved the day I got my staples out, I wasn't able to recover AT ALL from the c-section. It was unbelievable. But we did what we had to do.

Anyway, I go into the surgeons office and they ask me if it is ok if the med student that this surgeon has working for her comes in first. Sigh. Fine. I will be your lab rat.
He was nice and somewhat shy. I hope he overcomes that.
The Dr. comes in and she says "wow, I have never seen a hernia that big from a c-section before". Awesome. That is just what I needed to hear.

So, yes, you will continue to see me in loose pants. :) Gives me an excuse right?

I have to stay the night "to monitor pain". Is this biatch serious? I was so freaking out.
She wont do laproscopic since I will have more kids and they have to be via c-section-- again DAMN you c-section and narrow pelvic bone! I mean come on! Looking at me, I have serious child bearing hips. It is an evil joke.

She then said that my recovery will be much like my c-section, just minus the hormones.



  1. Good Luck Tish and I hope they get it fixed properly. You really need some rest and I know its hard living away from everyone! Get better!!