Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A week in recipes


Lemon Cookies from Pinterest-- very good. Light. Fluffy.

Quesadilla Casserole also from Pinterest. It was just ok. I could tweak it to make it better I think. It froze well and thawed and cooked well. It was sort of like a Mexican Lasagna.

Chicken Divan. I didn't use a recipe off line. My mom has made this for years and I used her recipe. I found one similar to what I do here. I use 2 cream of chicken soups vs one of mushroom. I use a bit more lemon juice. I make a cup of white rice. I mix the rice and broccoli and chicken together, put the mixture on top and bake 350* for about 30 minutes. I then uncover, and broil lightly for a few minutes. It is a favorite comfort food of mine.

One night it was just me at home, and since I had decided that I needed Panda Express for lunch, I thought I should have a light dinner. I found this avocado recipe and I was in heaven. Why in the world was this the first time I had tried this?! YUM.

Last night I thought that I had Italian Sausage in the freezer, so I wanted to use that up. Turns out it was not Italian Sausage, but after I saw this recipe, I decided that I wanted it, so me and little boy headed to the store. Just for the record, I was going to the store anyway-- but this provided another thing on the ol' grocery check list.
It was really easy and so good. Thank you Johnsonville.com!

Today I have to go to the dentist to finish up my mouth. At least I think that this is the last appointment for this section. Whew. I hope.

Do you guys have plans for the 4th? We are going to have a little bbq at the house and be in the pool most of the day. Then head to one of the parks for some fireworks action. I hope it rains a bit. It is so needed. Me and the husband have had to pour pitchers of extra water on all of our plants. They all look crispy, even on a water timer.

Ok: time for  more coffee and to mop my floors.



  1. I am LOVING your recipes and reviews!!! thank you!!!

  2. Thanks! I think I must try a few new things every week. Gotta be entertained right? Pinterest is one of my bff's. ;)