Thursday, July 19, 2012

Long summer day

Wednesday was a busy day. A fun day, but a busy day.
We went over to Julie's house for a play date. Maddox had so much fun! He loved playing in their awesome play room. Reid is still a bit shy around us, but I hope that will go away with some time. I think he was also in shock that he was supposed to share his toys.

I was shocked at how much Maddox liked the big boy toys. I felt so bad for sheltering him with baby toys. You know, soft blocks, rubber ducks, books, stuffed animals.
Me and the husband went and got him a few toys. He LOVES them.

After we left Julie's, we went home to get fresh and then headed out to the Avondale Fire Department for a tour with the mommy group.

Afterward, we all got firemen hats. I mean, what trip to the firehouse would be complete without a hat?

When we got home, I had to jump in the shower again because the tour was mainly outside seeing the trucks. Whew, HOT summers. As I got my loungewear on, my husband decided that we needed to go out to dinner because he didnt want to clean up lol. We headed for Mexican and got the boys toys.

Was a good good day.

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