Sunday, July 15, 2012

Step Up

I am pretty excited to announce two huge steps for me.
They aren't big steps in most people's worlds, but to me, in Arizona, they were.

As you know, I have not met any friends here so far. It is hard. I did join a mommy group, but don't have that girl friend to call and just go to lunch with or something.

I had one of the moms and her two babies over to our house for a play date Thursday. It was a mini success. This mama has a 1 year old and a 1 month old, so she is very busy and we were busy with all the babies. Her son and Maddox had fun. Maddox is so outgoing and Reid is shy, but they still played near each other well. Maddox kept trying to get the baby and see just what she was all about. They didn't get to stay super long due to nap times, but it was a good time and a step for me.

The next night, I had signed up for a "taco fiesta" at one of the mom's houses. I was so nervous. I literally almost cancelled. I was nervous to be "just me" and not have Maddox there or Steve there. I used to never be that way. That just tells you how out of touch I am with the world as a sahm. I made shredded chicken. That was super easy btw: a cup of water, a chicken bouillon cube, half of a Ranch packet, one whole taco seasoning packet, several jalapenos, and cayenne pepper. I got dressed and waited till the very last minute to leave to go.

I drove over and it ended up being not as scary as I thought. There were only 6 of us there-- apparently others cancelled. We talked and laughed and it was 10pm before I knew it. I had fun. Do I know if I will be real friends with any of these chicks, no, but it was a start. I had only met one of the five before Friday.

Baby steps, baby steps.


  1. Great job putting yourself out there! I've still not really met anyone either - I'm hoping when I start work I can meet some people :). It's certainly hard to relocate to a brand new state!

  2. I am very proud of you!!! Awesome just doing it!!!Its hard to meet new friends! We should meet together sometime... I would love that!

  3. Adelyn, Working will definitely will help you to meet people... that is my biggest obstacle since I stay at home.

    AZ Girl, I am up for it! We need to set up something. Some of the libraries do "babies and books" or we can do lunch. Whatever works :)