Sunday, June 24, 2012

Brain and Picture DUMP

The past couple weeks have been very trying.
I hate when I don't post regularly. I feel like I let me down, and let you down. I don't like when I go to a daily reads page and it is the same blog from the day before... and mine is.. from 12 days ago! Shheesh!
My husbands father is gravely ill. He is dying and it is taking my husbands spirit as it happens. His dad is his best friend. It is such a heart wrenching thing for me to watch. I would give anything to take all his pain away. My dad died when I was 14, so I know what he is going through on one level-- but I didn't have to watch it like my husband is. I just couldn't imagine. I hope I never have to endure what he is right now.
My husband was gone two weeks ago-- home for a few days and he is gone again.
This week my friend Patsy and her daughter stayed with me and Maddox. Chanelle, her daughter, had a soccer tournament so she was busy with that in the mornings and then we just all hung out the rest of the time.

Other than that, it has been me and the baby boy. So here is a picture dump :)

We read alot in this house. So, little boy has been right on cue. He had me read these 2 books to him over and over last night. So sweet. He gets his favorites for the day I guess. He is just growing up so fast! Ugh!


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