Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hair Help

I need a new hair style. I am hating my hair right now.
I read this great article on Pinterest about fine hair and how we shouldn't put layers in our hair. That it is a disgusting ploy by hairdressers and that fine layers actually thin our hair out more. The pictures were pretty shocking to me, which led to me looking through some of my old style choices..

Lots and lots of layers & lots of highlights.
Short hair with a little bit of carmel color in it.
This has quite a bit of red in it, but it is an all over color.
Me in HS with very dark hair: this is my  natural color. Color virgin here.

These are both pretty much the same, medium length, seemingly a lot of highlights in that carmel-y color.

What should I do? It does not have to be one of these. I am thinking about just trying the blunt cut like the pinterest article. Now do I want side swept bangs? Kind of.
I need a lot of color. My grey is out of control. Thanks mom. So blunt cut, side swept bangs and lots of highlights?

xo, Tish

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  1. Your hair looks sooo pretty and thick in all the pics! Cant wait to see what hair style you decide on!!!