Monday, June 4, 2012

Caprese Salad and Lifetime Shows

I am still pretty sore this morning. I am running out of the pain medication. I don't think that I will call and ask for more because I always feel like a drug lord. Ha. After my c-section, I had to ask for a second prescription and I felt so weird! Really though, enough for 5 days is not going to cut it. Especially for a mama who has to move to a different state within 11 days of having said c-section.

This weekend was a very laid back one. I was pretty much down. We just vegged out. The hub was in the yard doing work as usual. He keeps saying he is all done but then he will come home with another cactus or hibiscus or something. It is kinda cute that he is so into yard work for the new house.

We had yummy caprese salad for lunch. Easy Peasy if you have never had or made.
Just get some Mozzarella, nice firm tomatoes, and fresh basil. Fresh basil is important because as my husband likes to say, "it makes it taste like a fresh Italian garden".
Then arrange on a plate like so:

Drizzle with a good olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a dash of s&p. Looks fancy. Is amazing. I saw this on Pinterest and want to give it a try if I ever have real life friends in AZ.

Don't those look yummy? Italian Popsicles. I may have these at Maddox's 1st birthday. The theme I think I want to do will go nicely with these. The theme has a lot of reds in it. It is December after all.

For dinner it was breakfast. Reminds me of being a little girl. It was always so fun when mom and dad had breakfast for dinner. So taboo right?

We had a mini Criminal Minds marathon while I impatiently waited for Drop Dead Diva and The Client List to come on. I love me some Lifetime on Sundays!

Do you guys watch either? So, so good! How cute are Brooke Elliot and Jennifer Love Hewitt? I think they are both so pretty. I was kind of hesitant about The Client List, didn't know what to expect really,  but I am sucked in and love it.

Hhmm, I am contemplating feeling like a drug lord and calling for a refill. So weird.

This week I need to set up my scrap booking room. I am pretty bad about scrapping alone though-- so maybe will have other scrapbook folks. I am not a pro at all. Sometimes my stuff is good, sometimes I am lazy. I need to re-do my honeymoon book bc all of my stuff was packed away and I was very pregnant and didn't feel like making it pretty lol. Why did I even attempt you ask? Easy: I couldn't sleep.

Till next time...
xo, Tish

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