Saturday, June 2, 2012

week in review

Sorry for the lapse.
Been a busy week.
Quick review:

I ended up breaking a tooth at the Diamondbacks game Saturday night. Tough luck for me since it was A. a weekend B. a holiday weekend.

I went to Vegas Tuesday instead of just Wednesday. We stayed with my aunt and ran around like mad people...
Flying alone with a baby is no joke going through security. No one can apparently help you. Wtf. Anyway, we managed and were just fine. Maddox was a champ.

We saw way too many people. Next time, we will have to just see a few. Both Maddox and I were way too tired. I was up about 22 hours by the time I got into bed Tuesday night and barely slept at all. I was tossing and turning and then little boy was up at 3:30 and 5am. So I basically was awake till Wednesday night. Ugh. Too much. One day would have been bad too. Oh well. I was so happy to see "my people". I miss them. They all were so sweet and had such a good time seeing little boy.
Because of a mess getting my rental car, I got to the airport way earlier than needed. But it was nice to just veg out, feed Mad and get him into jammies and just wait for the plane. He passed out on the ride home.

Thursday was a cranky one for both of us. We were so tired. Mad slept till 10 and then we napped for 3 hours and called it an early night.

Friday started a little better. We had Kindermusic class and then I had a dentist appointment. That last one didn't go so well.

My tooth was not simply chipped, I could stick my tongue between the gap and it was the entire length of my molar. I anticipated a crown and to be on my way. Wrong. It was fractured clear up to the bone. Luckily for me, I had had a root canal in it previously so I didn't feel much. It was sore, but nothing like it could have been.
The Dr. couldn't save it. He had to extract it. Why don't they put you to sleep to take a tooth out? Seriously? I was so nervous and they were pulling so hard. My tooth was not willing to come out. It took more than an hour to get that sucker out. Then my roots were a bit of an anomaly-- having 4 roots and not just 3. Mess. I have a temporary bridge on and go back in a month for the real thing.

In the mean while, I am sore as can be. My face is all swollen from my eye down to my jaw on my left side. It is so tender. Looks much better today, but I can still feel the swelling even though it has subsided a bit. I am on three medications and lots of downtime for the weekend.

Off for some more diet squirt and a nap....

xo, tish


  1. you poor thing! I am sooo sorry about your tooth! Sounds horrible... get well soon!!!

  2. Thanks doll. I kind of want to still punch my dentist bc I am still hurting pretty badly lol. I dont think it would go over so well though.

    How have you been?