Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welp.. No new recipe today. I sat the chicken out too late.. by the time it was defrosted it was 5:30. The recipe called for an hour to marinade. Therefore we went out. Yup. Lazy.

We tried this spot called La Loma Grille in Litchfield Park. It was quite quaint. You go in, go to the counter and get your chips and salsas and menus. When  you are ready to order, you go back to the counter to do so. They then bring your food on paper and Styrofoam plates with plastic silverware. I am guessing they are lazy and cheap doing their part to cut down on water use because after all, we are in a desert.
We didn't mind that though. The salsa was good. The rice was good. I think you can tell alot about a Mexican spot by their rice. It's true. The food was good. We will return. Maybe today-YUM.

I  kid...I kid. But we will go back. It is worth a try if you like non fancy down home food.

While we were there, little boy was of course none too thrilled. I was wiping out his motorboat mouth of milk and came across... drum roll please... TEETH! Baby boy is getting his bottom two teethies!
So bittersweet!

This morning we got up and did some yard work. My husband has turned into such a green thumb since we moved to AZ. He is out in the yard doing something like 4 days a week.

In other huge baby news: guess who decided he was ready to start crawling?

This guy!

Again, so bittersweet. Six months old. So grown up.

Off to try a jello poke cake to take to the in-laws tomorrow.


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