Sunday, May 20, 2012

No cooking and Photo Op's

Friday afternoon my husband informed me that we were going out to dinner. OK... I can handle not cooking haha.
Got ready, ran our errands and then headed to the Black Angus for dinner. I had a glass of wine while we waited.. a Pinot, and I am more of a sweeter Reisling or Champagne girl. BUT it was good anyway.

My sweet little baby... has turned into a " hold  me while we are at the restarant or I will yell and scream till you do" baby. My husband and I  have decided that we will probably be making less and less appearances at restarants.
We came home, sat by the pool and watched Criminal Minds.

Saturday, I had an appointment for my car. UGH. During the wait time, we went to the Black Bear Diner-- will we ever learn? Luckily it was loud in there and no one paid attention to his screams of frustration. We eventually gave in though. Easier. OMG we are in trouble.

We did a little shopping and browsing and photo posing to kill time.

We came home after picking up my car and remember those 23 pounds of peaches? I froze them (what a pain that was) and the hubby took a bag out and made peach rum drinks. We sat in the pool and just chilled all afternoon. I dont know if it was the sun or the large rum drink or both-- but I didnt feel so well afterwards. Had to take a little nap.. was a little cranky... the husband laughed. I made enchiladas, the husband got The Vow and One For the Money for us to watch and we just vegged with little boy on the couch.

I relish those moments. Sweet. Comfortable. Home.

xo, Tish


  1. haha I know the feeling of the screams while trying to enjoy a nice dinner out. Mainly my little ones problems is wanting everything we have and he can't eat all that yet and he gets very frustrated with us not sharing everything we have. I believe I remember saying to him "I can't take you anywhere." But that is okay. He makes me smile more than he gets me frustrated.

  2. That is why we stopped taking Peyton to public places! It must be a Lewis & Robey family trait! He will grow out of it!