Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vets and Cranky Racecar Drivers

Don't you hate when you accidentally hit a button and delete your post thus far before it had the chance to save?

Me too. Ugh.

Yesterday was a tiring one. I woke up at 6. Was ready to be out of the house to run errands by 7. Went to the grocery store and post office and made vet appointments.

The vets office wouldn't take all 4 dogs at once, so I took 2 and 2. Let's talk about a mini workout! Whew. Sam escaped briefly. I ran after him, and luckily his pudgy self only slowly galloped and I got him right away-- after I lost a shoe under a car. That was a fun retrieval! Did I mention that I had already opened the car door, Zoey could have ran off but she is too scared. Maddox was in his carrier on the ground next to my car. He could have been stolen. It was a nightmare for about 25 seconds.

I about fell over when I got the $255 bill knowing that I had 2 more dogs coming in a half hour. Wow. I ran home, got the little dogs and brought them right back for their round of shots.

They went a little smoother though... Lola is a good car rider.. Meeko is awful.
My car is a furbie currently. I must get it cleaned asap.

Little boy was way off his schedule and was a monster of a crab apple because he was so sleepy. He finally calmed down and was a speed racer all around in his walker. It was  pretty hilarious. He just ran everywhere. Who knew a 5 month old plus a walker equalled a race car.

Speaking of 5 months... do you count babies by their weeks or a month on the day they were born? I am so confused about it and people keep doing both... SO.... He is 23 weeks old. He was born December 5, 2011. Would you count him 6 months next week or wait till June 5? On his first birthday you don't count weeks... and it may or may not be 52 weeks exactly... you say on Dec 5, 2012, he is 1 year old. A rant. Sorry.

This is how he "sits" right now. How funny is this?

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  1. I'm tired just thinking about your day! Your little speed racer is so cute :)