Friday, May 4, 2012

Kelly's Korner Link Up

Hi, I am Tish linking up to Kelly's Korner SUYL Friday.
I am a new wife, a new sahm mommy and new to Arizona.
My husband got his long awaited transfer when we were very pregnant. We came down, found a house and waited for our son to be born. We moved here 2 weeks later. It is now about 5 months later and I am looking to meet others in the area.

I am a normal girl. I enjoy going out for lunch, getting pedicures, spa days, cooking, reading, sporting events, wine tastings, country bars, dancing, traveling. Now that I am a mommy, most of that gets put on the back burner because my sweet husband and I have this new world to discover through the eyes of our child.

I look forward to connecting with some of you awesome ladies that also read Kellys Blog :)

xo, Tish


  1. I live in phx Az and have been here my whole life! What part of phx do you live?! I am in north Peoria. My email is Hope you are enjoying phx. Let me know if you need anything!

  2. Hi Tish,
    I'm also from Phoenix, originally from Germany, but moved to the US about 5 years ago and have been living in AZ for the last 4! I love it here!
    My email is!
    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hi ladies! I like it here well enough but know no one! It's hard to meet people being a sahm. I joined a couple groups on meetup recently and love that Kelly did this suyl.

    I live in Goodyear.

    We should get a kellys korner luncheon together or something sometime :)

  4. My best friend lives in Goodyear! We are not too far from each other:)

  5. Great to "meet" you through this link up! Setting up a get together is a great idea :). Glad you and your husband got this transfer you wanted! Have you enjoyed living here so far? We're hoping it's not too rough of a transition.

  6. We have enjoyed it. My husband considers AZ home even though he is a native of Chicago. There is so much to do. So many sporting events, family events, and tons of exploring in all of the surrounding mountain areas.

    We have already had many pool days. That was one of my "must haves" in our house here. This afternoon will be a pool day also. I think about every day is at some point LOL.

    There are farmers markets, farms, and orchards all over too. Just alot to see and do.

    AZ Girl, that is great! I dont know my way around too well but sounds like you do :)
    Oh yes! I was serious with the luncheon. And who knows, we may all hit it off. :) When that happens, I like hosting little gatherings. Board games, cards, scrapbooking, wine, cooking dinners, bbqs ect!

    When do you move here Adelyn?