Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Vegas, baby.

I'm goin to Vegas. Me and baby boy are heading there. For the day. To visit. Did you know that I lived there for 10 years? I am so excited to see my friends and some family.

I kind of wish that the trip was at least over night, but a day trip is good to start.
We leave at 7am, and get back at 10:30pm.

This was part of our wedding festivity. 03-12-11
{photo by MA Photography}

xo, Tish


  1. Like the new format! Have a great time in Vegas :)

  2. Why are you just going for the day??!!! PS i need a new blog format too!!!

  3. Thanks! Still not sure if it will be the one-- is it too busy??
    I found a blog: mama to three munchkins and she has a freebie section, that's where I found a bunch.

    For the day: flights were so cheap, and I just missed friends.