Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swimming, Sleeping, and Walking

Maddox went swimming. He was such a trooper that little cutie pie.
We started with our feet and gradually moved to have our whole body in... he did a couple big gasps but was such a good sport.

We had to get out once because he got scared but then we eased back in.

Maddox boy was also a very big boy and slept in his own bed last night. I know. He is 5 months old and that was the first time. We do have good reasons... we are crazy AND his room is so, so far from our room. We will love that feature when he is older but right now, the other side of the house seems so far away. Mind you, we have an 8ft gate that is locked in the front of the house, every door and window is alarmed and we have 4 dogs: BUT I am a parent who worries and he is our first little baby. It was so hard on us. It was harder on mama I think than anyone. I moved 2 of the dogs into his bedroom and had the monitor on high... Maddox was fine. Mama barely slept. I had to keep going to check on him. I had to keep listening to him breathing.

Speaking of breathing.... As most parents do, we searched for "the perfect" bedding set for him. My husband wanted teddy bears so we searched (hard to find believe it or not) and since buying it.... we have used the bedskirt and we hung the blanket on the wall. The curtains, the pillows, the little hanging "art" and the bumper have all gone to an expensive waste. We went and bought a breathable bumper from Babies R US and have that in his bed and a sheet. That's it. None of the fancy stuff we wasted money on. Lesson learned for next time :)

Here is the little handsome guy in his bed:

He also got to play in his walker for the first time. He doesnt walk yet of course but he loves to "stand" and be "up".

He is just growing so much and too fast! Sigh....

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