Sunday, May 6, 2012

Get Healthy.

I must get healthy. I will do my best to think of it as getting healthy and not a diet. The dreaded word... d i e t. Ahh!

I have no one to blame but me. I could make lots of excuses but that is all they would be.
I am the only one with the power. The P O W E R. Ahh!

A 2.5 hour walk around the swap meet on Saturday. A 1.5 mile walk today in the neighborhood.  I threw out junk. I didn't throw out the juice. Small starts. I found some more great recipes. I love skinnytaste. I pulled out the Zumba DVD that I have never once used. Tomorrow I will research doctors to find one and get checked out.

I am embarrassed to blog about this--but I need to be accountable. To me. To my husband. To my baby. To my family. For me. For my husband. For my baby. For my family.

xo, Tish

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