Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Police, Firemen, Alarms.

My husband had to leave on Wednesday morning.
As he was leaving, he said that I needed to call an exterminator pronto because he had found a scorpion in the garage. Scary #1.
Called. Taken care of. Check.

Most of Wednesday night was spent awake with a little guy not feeling well.

Thursday, I texted one of my aunts and said she should try to come out and visit. Things were in place and within 2 minutes, she texted me back saying she was on her way. Great. I really don't like staying home alone overnight. Yes, I am 8.

She arrived and had to run out for a bit. I was in the house and my chimes went off like someone was opening a window or a door... but there was only me, my sleeping baby and my 4 dogs, who were in the same room as me. I got freaked out of course. I was already on edge. I peeked around my house but didn't see anything... then I heard some noises-- which were probably coming from the neighbors. I grabbed my baby, and all 4 dogs ran with me, we got in the car and left for a bit and waited for my aunt to come home. Scary #2.

Later that night, we all went outside to let the dogs out. Arizona gets so nice at night.
So I was holding Maddox and we were sitting at the patio just chatting. Time to go in, my aunt acts like she cant open the sliding glass door. She wasn't acting. The flipping sliding glass door handle was apparently broken. The lever had slid down and locked us out! Might I mention that we are in our pajamas. I have no shoes on, she has sock slippers on, we have no cell phones. WTF. The whole side of my yard is rock-- leading to a big fence that is padlocked. They key is in the garage. My aunt gets to the fence and gets on top of the trash can and gets herself over the fence. I was pretty impressed.
She headed to my neighbors house at 10pm-- who I have never met--and knocked. They tried to see if they could get into their patio door but no luck. The husband said he could try to get into the garage: I said that would be great, except the inside door is dead bolted.

We were stuck. I couldn't get over the fence with Maddox, and no shoes. They called 911 and asked what to do. They sent the Fire Department. The guys hopped the fence, cut the padlock and got inside my house within a matter of seconds.... without breaking anything else. Freaky right? They opened my locked slider. Safe. Scary #3.

I had it replaced the next day. Friday went by without a hitch. Whew. We just went to bed early and then headed out Saturday morning to do some touring around. I showed my  aunt Westgate and then we went to downtown Glendale to see the cute the little old shops. They have all these old tiny houses that have been converted into little trinket shops. We went back to Westgate and had lunch at Margaritaville and came home to chill out and nap a bit.

We decided to head out to dinner. Had to get a little Mexican food for goodness sakes. HA. We planned to go to Michael's and then to redbox after. While we were eating, my cell rang, and normally I don't get many calls nor would I answer during dinner... but I felt I should. Good thing. It was ADT calling me to tell me that my house alarm was going off and that it seemed someone was breaking in through my laundry room window. They asked me several times if I wanted them to send police. I shouted: I am not home. It is not a happenstance that I accidentally set it off. Yes. Send someone. I would be on my way.

We got there and we waited. We waited quite a while it seemed. I mean, we had left a restaurant, drove back to the house and the police still weren't there. Ugh. They finally arrived and I gave them the keys to get into the house and they went in and looked around... came back out and said there wasn't anyone inside and nothing seemed out of place or broken. The Sargent arrived (consequently, he also was there Thursday night--OMG the impression I must be making) He suggested that it was the alarm company. There must be a hitch with the signal on that window. That is probably what I heard previously and what set the alarm off that day. Scary #4.

I told you. My week was crazy.



  1. Wow, that's a lot of things to handle in a week! Sorry that happened to you, it must have been so scary! I'm glad everything turned out okay though! We had multiple false alarms since we moved here and it was always the alarm company!
    Hope this week will be better! :)


  2. Nadine,
    I know! I have never had a false alarm before. I was terrified. I dont know how I would handle multiple ones! Goodness!