Friday, August 9, 2013

Five on Friday

EEK, my favorite link up. Well it is the only link up I do, but I will claim it as a fave....

1.) Is it a surprise to you that I love scouting Goodwill stores? I do. When I was a kid, we would go all of the time. My dad loved to go and "look" -aka come home with a ton of stuff we didn't need and only a few things we did. As a young adult, you couldn't pay me to go in. Now as an older adult, I love to browse. Me and little boy will just peruse all the isles.

2.) My friend left and I was a but sad after. She has known me so long and has seen all the struggles and heartbreak I have been through and now sees me with my sweet husband and son. It is such a 180 and she is able to tell me that. I like that she knows me. I can be myself with her.

3.) On the same token, that also meant my darling came home. Amazing how quickly you miss someone. 4 days is too long. He said that little man looked so big.


4.) I went all over tarnation searching for cowboy boots today. I have wide feet and fat calves. It was a difficult task.

5.) I have Essie Butler Please on my toes and love it!

Have a fun Friday,

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