Tuesday, August 27, 2013


A little bit of this and that....

A few little life hacks that I love:

When cutting green onions, don't use a knife like I used to for years. No, dear, you are doing it all wrong. Use your scissors! Those little puppies cut time in more than half. It is amazing that I have not done this my whole life. Knife schmife!

When you are bored at the computer, do a Google image search for Atari breakout. You are welcome.

Grab a saucepan and add some water, vanilla and cinnamon and cook on low. You can also use cinnamon, clover and allspice. Makes your kitchen and nearby rooms smell good.

A few little odd things about me:

I sleep with a lot of pillows.
I always rinse my hair in cold water.
I use apple cider vinegar to rid heartburn.
I take a nap nearly every day.

Other things:

I have a new Mongolian beef recipe in the crock pot today and my house smells like PF CHANG'S. I really hope it is good because I love Mongolian beef. Last night we had a big rain storm. It was glorious. The skies opened up and just poured. I still am not pregnant. It's only been about 6 weeks but it feels like a lifetime. I brought out a ton of vitamins and started taking them. Exercise is happening now too. My friend told me today that she is about 4 weeks along. I was so happy for her, and sad for me. That doesn't feel like a good friend. I want to just be happy. we have changed our boy name. Our girl name is the same. I am excited for Halloween now. I love being able to see Maddox get dressed up. I never was big on that holiday till we had a kid. Seems that changes most things.

Enough rambling...

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  1. i understand about the prego thing... always seems like forever:( hang in there!!!