Thursday, August 15, 2013

Foul Balls and Photos

I had the ladies over for a double dip night. Everyone brought a dip to share and then we went into the pool to chillax. I just deleted chill and relax to retype chillax. Anyone else do silly things like that? We had a good night. It was fun to just hang out at home and be with friends. I will not lie, I had a bottle of wine to myself. Sadly, I didn't really feel drunk and I barely drink. Very odd. I really feel fortunate to come across and to have found a group of mamas that I can talk to and call friends. So much so, that I just joined another group and I hope to expand my circle. I am crossing my fingers for the best, but so far there is one thing posted in that other group... hhmmm.

We went to see the Dbax on Wednesday afternoon. Maddox had to have his batting helmet and bat. The entire game. He was SO good.. especially since the game went into 14 innings (we finally WON!) The guy next to us caught a foul ball and gave it to Maddox. He was so happy to have it. He even put his hat & bat down!

Today we went to get family pictures taken. Finally. Meant to do that for 18 months, not 20. Whoops.
Me and little boy took some practice shots in the morning. He is so handsome. I just cannot imagine life before him. He really is my joy.

I will post some of our new photos when we get them back next week! :)

Have a great Thursday,

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