Monday, August 12, 2013

Something found.

I found this from 2008... wanted to share so that I could keep it. It is about my father who passed away when I was 14.


I miss you.
I miss hearing your voice. I miss your hands and I miss your hugs. I miss your stories. I miss your smell. I miss your everything. I miss seeing you and mom together. I miss our vacations and I miss you on the lawnmower. I miss you cooking dinner, I miss you grilling out. I miss you.
I miss seeing you after everyone else had gone to bed. I miss how you used to read everything you could get your hands on. I miss how proud you were of me and how you were always the safe hold for me. I miss holidays. I miss hunting for Easter eggs, and I miss making up stories on how we had more animals when mom came home than when she left. I miss you.
I was listening to a song today and I started crying because all I could do was think about you and how it was our story. I miss you. I miss you more than I can even imagine. You went away and I wasn't ready for it. You went away and I didn't know you were going to never come back. I remember falling and I remember getting sent away. I remember that place. I remember the morgue and I remember people calling and coming to see us. I remember the private ceremony and screaming to god.
I miss you. Today is a bad day. I wont cry though. I never let myself cry anymore

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