Sunday, April 14, 2013

A life of leisure

We have all been feeling a little under the weather here.. Maybe it is the weather going crazy day by day or maybe colds. Who knows. Starting to feel a little more human now and taking care of business.

We joined Costco today. Again. We had a membership when we lived in Vegas but never went. We went twice in a year. Who does that? We went today with the intent on getting 3 things: chicken, fruit and slimfast shakes. How did we walk out $186 later? I think that is inevitable when you shop at big warehouse places. Everything looks like such a bargain.
Really though, you cannot get better fruit. This time and the couple times we went before, that is worth the membership in and of itself! The grapes are so firm and big, the strawberries so dang juicy and sweet. Just delicious!

Other than that, we have been taking it pretty easy. Watching baseball, napping, going to bed early. The life of leisure :)

Hope that you guys had a nice weekend too.

Catch ya on the flip side.

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